FREE Yu-Gi-Oh! Playmat for any box/deck/pack purchase over $100 at Galaxy in Naperville, while supplies last! Limited quantity. First come, first serve!!!

ALL regularly $4-pack, 24-pack booster box, now $65 per box; 3 or more $60 per box. This includes Judgment of the Light, Number Hunters, Galactic Overlord, Crossroad of Chaos, Order of Chaos, Storm of Ragnarok, Cosmo Blazer, Duelist Genesis, Return of the Duelist, Shining Darkness, Stardust Overdrive, Hidden Arsenal 7, Hidden Arsenal 6, Hidden Arsenal 5, Hidden Arsenal 4, Duelist Pack  ... etc. 
Also, ALL $2/pack, 36-pack Duelist Pack booster box, now $55 per box; 3 or more $50 per box. This includes Crow, Yusei 2 and Yusei 3.

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